Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Paddle It In Stockholm

The central part of Stockholm is based on 14 islands- so it truly is a watery city. Why not take advantage of this and see it by kayak or small boat? You can make your way through the central waterways, hopping in and out for a meal, coffee or spot of shopping, and continue on your way- working off the excesses by paddling.

by David Arvidsson Flickr Creative Commons

Kayak rental is usually priced at around 100 SEK an hour, although this varies, and there are multiple places to rent kayaks in the city- one is Kafe Kajak in Ralambshovs Park, a cafe and kayak rental place in the beautiful old building of the Stockholm Kayak Club. From there you can paddle the Lake Malaren side of the city. Over on the Baltic sea side, try Djurgardens Sjocafe- just make sure to avoid the shipping lanes!

For the more adventurous, or those who are looking for some wide open spaces after campervan living, you can take kayak tours into the outer Stockholm Archipelago. These are more challenging, but Stockholm Adventures insists that "anyone can do it!"

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Park it in Stockholm

by badjonni Flickr Creative Commons

One of the most popular pastimes of visitors to a city is visiting it's parks- they are a respite from traffic and concrete, they can show off some of the native flora and fauna, and often include art installations, playgrounds, statues, plaques and other titbits of information and entertainment. In London's big parks you can imagine you are no longer in a sprawling metropolis, in Barcelona's Park Guell you feel inside the mind of Gaudi, the city's famous architect.

Stockholm is a city not lacking in parks- for those travelling in campervans, they are a great way to get out, breathe some fresh air and learn more about the city. Here are some of the most popular:

For those intrepid campervanners interested in sculpture, Bellevue Park is home to the studio of famous sculptor Carl Eldh, which has been converted into a museum since his death in 1954. Beautiful art, and idyllic park- what else could one want? Guided walks are available in the summer season.

Djurgarden, meaning "Royal Game Park" in swedish, is an island in central Stockholm, and has a lot of great stuff packed into one small area. As well as extensive stretches of forests and meadows to get a breath of fresh air after being in your camper, the island is home to an amusement park, an open air museum, historical buildings, monuments and gallleries.

Grona Lund by La Citta Vita Flickr Creative Commons

Rosendals Tradgard is a garden for those who truly love gardens- open to the public, it aims to encourage the world to cultivate their own gardens. There is a fruit and vege garden, a rose garden and a wine garden. Visitors are encouraged to gather fruit, veges and flowers to take with them, and are charged by the kilo as they leave. In the surrounding park, there are examples of every tree native to Sweden. A must-visit for any horticulturally-minded travelers!

Rosendal Garden by La Citta Vita Flickr Creative Commons

Just a few of the parks to be visited in Sweden's capital, these are enough to fill a few days! So get out of your campervan and into some of Stockholm's open spaces.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stockholm RV Park - Sovalla City

A ten minute drive from Stockholm Bromma Airport is Solvalla City Camping Ground. The campground is only 8 km from Stockholm City, close to both E18 and E4. It is walking distance (~10 min) to Rissne Subway station and (~20 min) to Sundbyberg, both subway and commuter train station.

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Stockholm Angby Motorhome Park

Stockholm Angby Camping Park is only 3 kilometers from Stockholm Bromma Airport and offers cabins, tent area and spaces for caravans/motor- homes with electricity.

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Photo of Bromma Sweden from Per Ola Wiberg Flickr Creative Commons.