Monday, October 10, 2011

Take your Campervan to Sigtuna, Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is the beautiful capital of Sweden. The famously beautiful, modern and vibrant city could be summed up as a vision of terra-cotta and saffron-coloured edifices caught glittering between the blue skies and water of summer. On the other hand the city could be described as blanketed in snow and speckled with lights in the cold winter. Built on 14 islands linked by historic bridges, Stockholm could very well serve as a starting point for a great vacation in the country of Sweden.

Some 35 minutes away from Stockholm is Sigtuna, the oldest and one of the most picturesque towns in Sweden. The town is an all-year weekend destination for both local and international travellers and it has been noted that there are a few free-spirited travellers who bundled up their possessions and rented an RV or motorhome to see the sights and sounds of Sigtuna at their own pace. The town was founded in 980 AD and up to now, the ancient layout of the town is still apparent.

The ruins of St. Olofs Church in Sigtuna
Photo by Brorsson, Wikimedia Commons

Old world splendour is evident in Sigtuna. The main town centre has a medieval ambiance with its quaint little wooden houses and establishments with brick-coloured roofing. There are church ruins and runic monuments that were raised in memory and in honour of family and friends. If you wish to decipher the text on a runic monument, a key aptly called the futhark is readily available for translating. It has been said that one runic monument read: “Killroy was here.”
For families with children there are museums, toy stores, and miniature golfing and boat rides for attractions. There are shops near Lake Mälaren that cater to those who crave for freshly ground coffee and newly-baked and mouth-watering pastries. There are art galleries, boutiques, restaurants, hotels, Bread & Breakfast peppering the historic town.

Stora Gatan in Sigtuna
Photo by Brorsson, Wikimedia Commons

The Stora Gatan or Main Street is venue to numerous festivities especially during summertime. The present-day main street still follows the same line a thousand years ago. The town is not as populous at 30,000 that is why occasions such as birthdays, weddings, christenings, and engagements as such are “shared” in a sense. The great ambiance and intimacy compels people from all over Stockholm to hold their celebrations in Sigtuna. There are venues to accommodate small and grand celebrations. The picturesque views contribute to for an unforgettable experience.
The holiday season is fast approaching and during this joyous time of the year Sigtuna has the Julmarknade or Christmas market. There are two such markets in the old town during this season - the Julmarknad near the town proper and the one at Steninge Slott. The Julmarknad happens during the four consecutive Sundays before Christmas Eve. The outdoor Christmas market boasts of famous Swedish smoked sausages, reindeer meet, sweets, handicraft and glögg. The indoor Christmas market at Steninge Slott opens from late November to December 23. The “barn’s” ground floor has restaurant and eateries while the second floor is full of shops that sell local handicraft and Christmas decorations.

Truly the town of Sigtuna is worth a visit.

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